Hi, this is Revolution Child and I would like to personally welcome you to my 'REBEL CLUB'. So cool, that you're here. I decided to start the 'REBEL CLUB' for many different reason but I especially wanted to create a backstage pass for you, take you behind the scenes and into my studio and give you a better feeling of what it takes to write and record a debut album. I will show you how I'm bringing artistic vision to life. So many things get lost in the world today so the 'REBEL CLUB' is far more personal. I'm excited that you're here and your 'REBEL CLUB' membership runs for six months and includes the following goodies which I hope you find as cool as I do:

- Access to my Studio Diary

- Demo Listening of what I'm working on

- Discounts for REVOLUTION CHILD Merchandise

- Monthly Virtual Meet & Greet with me

- Behind the Scenes

Over the course of time the 'REBEL CLUB' area will grow as I'm in the process of recording and finishing my debut album 'REBEL IN PARIS' hence the name 'REBEL CLUB'. However, it takes many rebels to start a revolution :) so I'm glad you're here.

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